Monday, April 24, 2006

The Scroll » What the Lord Said to a Mega-Church Pastor

"Pastor Cho Yonggi oversees the largest congregation in church history (about 3/4 of a million). Years ago as he was looking for new leaders to oversee his house fellowships, the Lord confronted him with six questions.

1. From whom was I born? The answer: a woman.
2. On whose lap was I nurtured? The answer: a woman.
3. Who followed me throughout my ministry and helped to meet my needs? The answer: women.
4. Who stayed until the last minutes of my crucifixion? The answer: women.
5. Who came to anoint my body in the tomb? The answer: women.
6. Who were the first witnesses to my resurrection? The answer: Mary Magdalene, a woman.

These were the reasons Cho gave for how God showed him that women should also be allowed to lead the contemporary church. Very counter culturally, Cho allowed that to happen in his church in Korea and we see the results — the largest church in history."

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Rob said...

Not only were women the first to witness the resurrection, but Mary magdalene was the first commissioned to preach the Good News.

Rob of UnSpace