Thursday, April 13, 2006

sister joan on meet the press easter sunday


Program Note: Erie Benedictine Sr. Joan Chittister has accepted an invitation to be a panel member on the special Easter Sunday edition of NBC’s “Meet the Press” public affairs television program. The program will air Sunday, April 16 at 10 a.m. (eastern time). The “Meet the Press” Web site,, carries a video and written transcript of each program soon after airing.

UPDATE: just got done watching the netcast - sister joan was incredible!! it's really worth the watch, just be warned joel osteen was also involved, so take your antacid. is that guy made of plastic?

watch here


some quotes from sister joan's "faith in america" participation, via rachel sklar @ huffpo:

Sister Joan picks up on this in my favorite passage of the discussion, which I will excerpt in part here:

I talk about society now being at a crossover moment in time bigger than anything we've seen since the 16th or the 13th century... we have a new globalism... which means we have to look at, newly, what pluralism really means again. We have to choose now with whether or not we want religion, that is this thing that binds us together, that is somehow or other genetically wired in us, that, that Aristotle talks about, that all the churches talk about. Or do we want denominationalism. What church, what religion do we want? Do we want the religion of the Crusades and the Inquisition and the witch burnings and segregation and slavery and the oppression of women and Puritanism that led to Prohibition, that didn't last because it was somebody's creed imposed on everybody else's creed? Or do we want the religion of the peace movement that Jesus talked about, and the, the labor movement and the civil rights movement?

My notes here say "I love Sister Joan."

Case in point: Sister Joan's excellent linkage of the budget to our underlying national "religion":

If we're looking for, for, for a moral standard, we have to do something about looking at the national budget. Your national budget is theology walking. If we're really a pro-life country and not a pro-birth country, we, we won't be taking from all the life bodies in order to feed a war body.


Visual-Voice said...

I love sister joan! thanks!

Kathy O'Leary said...

I have a link to the transcript and the video posted on my blog

david said...

i too am reading the rule of benedict and she is in fact amazing . . . since i live in pittsburgh and she lives in erie i have thought very seriously about going up there to visit one day . . . these are excellent quotes . . . thanks!