Friday, June 09, 2006

please be an organ donor

Orange County Weekly:

"Jim Gilliam can sound like the slickest Hollywood producer when he seamlessly slides into a sales pitch for organ donations. Simply filling out the DMV form when you renew your driver’s license and affixing the donor sticker to your license is apparently not enough. Gilliam urges potential donors to visit, join the national registry and make your loved ones aware of your intentions."

“Any donor can save eight lives,” he says in a way that makes you think of eight total strangers and not the man you’re looking at, the man in desperate need of two lungs.

Share Your Life

still praying jim!

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david said...

linda and i just talked about this . . . on her pennsylvania drivers license she is listed as a donor and i am not . . . (my license is up for renewal in december) . . . but i can honestly say that since i have been ill i censider these things much more deeply . . . and that has been good for eveyone . . .