Saturday, January 06, 2007

freedback: you tube

dear google/you tube,

as times people of the year i congratulate you - now please, do something for your viewers. using your site is customer unfriendly and can be irritating. when you know something exists it's wonderful - but when you are just browsing it is impossible to weed the dross from the gold.

the opening page of should not be unrated videos. if someone wants to see the disgusting video of sadaam hussein being hanged they will know how to find it - i should not be subjected to it if i do not want to see it.

your front page shouldn't have striptease podcasts and items that have not had the time online to be flagged as inappropriate. i am not asking you to remove these - just separate them from those of us who don't want to be exposed to that kind of crap.

it would also be amazing if the viewers could readily access the really funny, interesting or highly rated videos without having to weed through the losers.

allowing someone who uploads their video to 'rate' it g, pg, r or x would let those of us who don't want to watch nudity or violence avoid it. this isn't censorship by you, just the producer of the video participating in the ratings by choice. it wouldn't be hard and fast, but it would allow those of us who don't want exposed to trash to easily distinguish it.

anyway - great product, just need to tweak it's delivery.

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Sarah Louise said...

hear, hear!