Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 Points Meme

hope tagged me in the 'honest to god' meme:

There are rules.
List 10 honest things about yourself.
Pass around some linky love, seven to be honest.

1. i hate doing things over. i rarely re-watch movies or re-read books. going backwards bothers me, but i don't mind getting lost and having to turn around a few times to be adventurous and find places i've never been before.

2. i love fun undies. i have lived most of my life in granny pants, but since i have lost weight i love wearing fun undies.

3. i lost my virginity in the boys dorm at bible college.

4. unless i know that someone truly wants to talk to me i loathe the telephone. it weighs 400 lbs. most days. i don't mind receiving calls, but i am horrible at picking up the phone. i think it's because i'm always afraid that i'm keeping the person from something they'd rather be doing...

5. i am SO far behind in my school work. so far. it's embarrassing. the deadlines are soft, and my grades are not affected, and my profs are kind - too kind, and without deadlines i have no motivation. everything else creeps in and pushes it aside. although my new little friend the alphasmart is the best tool i have ever bought myself. i can write like the wind without having a screen to distract me. if you want/need to write and find the computer too distracting i highly recommend it. i got an older version on ebay for $40.00 (make sure to buy one w/ cables are they are hard to find)

6. i got a superhero necklace for my anniversary last year (2007) from liam (duh) and i believe it truly has magical powers. something happened when i put that necklace on. i had asked andrea to add 2" to the length so that it wouldn't be a choker. since that time all 2" has come off and i LOVE chokers now and can't get enough of them. i think it was this superhero necklace that empowered me to truly feel amazing about myself, begin to take care of myself in a new way and not be so afraid of loosing the weight i had been packing myself with all of these years.

7. it bothers me that i am secretly glad oprah has gained her weight back. i hate that she has made dieting trendy again. i so want her to admit her food addiction and find recovery. it drove me nuts that someone who had personal shoppers, chefs & exersize guru's at her fingertips made every other normal, overweight woman feel like a failure because she just couldn't do it. it's not that i wish her ill. i just want her to model recovery instead of dieting.

8. i am avoiding our finances. my school debt is freaking me out and i can't even do the most normal things like checking bank balances and paying bills without it putting rocks in my stomach. i loved living debt free and hate that it is my schooling that is causing this. i'm just so afraid that if i don't finish i never will.

9. i have the prettiest dress, shoes and coat to wear to our christmas party this weekend and i am so excited to be able to dress up. i got it all at thrift stores (shoes at clearance store) and didn't pay over $30.00 for all of it - but i will look and feel like $100000000.00

10. liam has been working out and i am loving his toned body. not enough to work out myself yet, but dang this is a fringe benefit that i had not figured i'd ever get to enjoy personally again.

wow - way more information than you probably wanted to know... but it's where my head is right now (scary stuff, eh?) i'm avoiding getting ready for our jr. high christmas party right now, so i guess i was thinking about getting ready.... strange. i am tempted to erase this and start over, but it was called "honest to god" right?

i am tagging:

sarah louise

chicken pax



Sarah Louise said...

before I saw that you tagged me, I thought I need to do this. and I will. But I'm almost done work, so i'll just respond to yours:

I love re-reading, re-watching.

I could care less about undies for the most part

I really DO want to talk to you on the phone. I have that fear too, though. In my mind people are never at home bored or lonely, even though I am, everyone else is cleaning, or spending time with their family, or or

and my replcement is here!




Amy A. said...

Here's to fun undies! And I need to get myself a superhero necklace.

I'll play, too!

Togenberg said...

I accept yer meme challenge!

I am SO far behind on your blog, I feel bad :P but I am deciding not to be all guilty and weird about that, will read up and then say lovely things.

In the meantime, know that I appreciate you being out there being you.


renee said...

i accepted over here.

thanks for the tag. i've been meaning to write for awhile now, but been word-lost.

Togenberg said...

okay FYI I am up through this blog entry. I can't believe I was so far behind! (No it's not a duty or an onerous task as I love your blog.)

I don't know if I could be as honest and open in my blog with these questions. Maybe I should start a totally new blog where I could say anything. I would like that.

bobbie said...

i highly recommend it troy!!

you could always password protect that one :D