Monday, June 20, 2005

hi ho, hi ho, it's off to camp i go...

liam and i are 'camp people'. we each grew up at our respective camps every summer for as long as we've been kids. we used to say 'summer without camp is just hot'.

well, the life we lead now has little time to take a week off to spend lavishly serving jesus at camp unfortunately, we really miss it, and so do our kids.

so this summer both of my kids are old enough to go to day camp at our church. it's quite a well planned event and they (we) are all excited. i have not done ANYTHING for 5 days in a row in a very long time (isn't that pathetic!?!?!)... so i have 2 classes i've signed up to teach. the first hour i've collected 6 budding reporters and we're putting together a newspaper for the week. the second class is a bit more 'frou-frou' than i'd like, but i've toned it down to my style as much as possible. it's an american girl class.

for those of you in canada, AG is a wonderful line of dolls that can be customized to look like your child, and there are historical dolls also. they are made to be played with and have accessories out the wazoo. pink has wanted nothing else since we moved from canada, so this year for her birthday we opted 'no parties' and begged the grands to contribute and finally purchased her own 'AG today' doll and she was thrilled as thrilled could be.

the teacher who was originally going to do the class decided on 2 different ones, so i decided pink really needed this, and i have created a class that honors the feminine and still has a lot of spunk (not that the feminine doesn't truly have spunk, just too many choose to only see the doilies and the mirrors sometimes...).

in the afternoons we go to a private lake to swim and play. should be a lot of exhausting fun for us all! i covet your prayers and hope you have a wonderful week!

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