Wednesday, November 22, 2006

back to blogging (sort of...)

where to start? i missed you all and also missed being able to put my fingers and thoughts into words here. i got to check emails 2 times for about 5 minutes just to make sure there weren't any urgent items needing my attention - but other than that i had NO access to the internet.

how can so much happen in 8 days? it feels like a lifetime. traveling 'non-rev' (on a buddy pass) is great for the pocket book, but it's not free by any means. our 5 1/2 hour trip turned into a 19 hour trial that could have been it's own version of 'planes, trains and automobiles' - although ours would have been called 'airports, food poisoning and lost luggage'...

it was horrible. i ate something in the philly airport that came back to haunt me on our 're-route' from charlotte to cincy... yes, on the plane. you think those bathrooms are too small to toilet in? try barfing - 6 times... it was horrible. the only thing worse was that the vomiting was so violent that i peed my pants (yes the ones i had to wear the next day because our luggage didn't arrive until 11:00 p.m. the next night)... i told liam that if we didn't love YS and the NYWC so much it would have put me out cold for ever returning.

so for those keeping track it was
-one case of food poisoning
-two pieces of lost luggage
-three bumped flights
-four airports
-five states (and one province)
-six episodes of barfing
and a partridge in a pear tree....

the way home yesterday was much smoother, although our bags didn't make it on the flight with us and we had to stay in the city until the next flight came in. we were very thankful they made it on that flight as i would have had to drive back today (2 hours each way) to pick them up.

i feel for those of you traveling for the holiday weekend (or who travel for a living). it has quenched my desire for the jet set lifestyle. i would much rather be home with my family living a quiet centered life any day.

now i just have to get ready for speaking at the women's retreat this weekend... whew.

hope you all had a great week, i can't wait to catch up on your blogs. missed you too!


Amy A. said...

Welcome home!

Sorry to hear about your terrible trip out. That was a doozy.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Are you celebrating even though you are in Canada?)


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sister Friend!! Your trip home was more uneventful? I am so thankful for the blessing of meeting YOU!! We've been online dating all these years and finally we met face to face!. . It was so great to hug you!. . (I mean it was our first date!) Your so awesome!

Tammy Jo

Lilly said...

hey there! so great to see you this week and hear how your life is going.
thanks too for all your help on saturday!
you really were my guardian angel and an answer to prayer!
i couldn't have gotten it done without you!
you really blessed me!
i dont' know if you celebrated canadian thanksgiving already or if you're celebrating tomorrow, but i am very thankful for you and wish you a wonderful thanksgiving too. love lil x

Hope said...

Welcome home friend!! It sounded like a nightmare. I'm glad you're home. Looking forward to catching up soon. Hugs.