Sunday, November 12, 2006

done - thank you for your prayers!

oh it feels so good to be on the other side of this! it went really well, i was nervous and my voice quaked and my hands shook - but it flowed and the response was overwhelmingly positive. tears were shed and i think people heard things that resonated with them.

it was the most fun to watch the faces register, the heads shake in agreement and the emotion on the faces - it was so powerful - i almost wanted to stop and just soak in it for a bit - but i kept going.

i'll put the link up on my other blog when it goes live if anyone wants to hear it. if you don't know my 'real' name/blog email me at emergingsideways AT gmail DOT com and i will send you a link.

it's only been because of this blog, my blogging community and all of your honesty and support that gave me the courage to do this. thank you! you mean the world to me!

now, off to pack and get up at 3:00 to head to the national youth workers convenition in cincinnati tomorrow... yawn. i am exhausted, drop-down exhausted. maybe i'll get some sleep on the plane... yah, right...

i hope to have access to a computer there, so if i do i'll post. have an amazing week!

ps - even my hair turned out!! :)

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