Monday, November 27, 2006

it's coming!

life will be slowing down starting today long enough to prepare for advent (i hope). there are some amazing posts out there that are far more thoughtful than mine today, so i thought i'd make you aware of them:

erin at biscotti brain has some wonderful links for the season here and bob at the corner explains (for advent newbies like me) the difference between advent and lent - and does it so beautifully here.

i also want to tell you about my favorite advent tradition - susan (of visual voice & banjo bunny e-cards fame) spends countless hours and tons of love and puts together THE MOST AMAZING online advent calendar. (it still says 2005 - but never fear as she will update it just in time!!)

2006 Advent Calendar

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Patchouli said...

Perfect--I've been looking for an advent calendar-and, as we've never "done" Advent, wasn't sure what to look for.

I'm looking for refuge from the "me-me-me" during the season. Hopefully, this will help.