Saturday, May 05, 2007

garage sailing

yes, sailing, as out of here - away from my way too many projects on the go - it's been a great week, very disorganized and my flat is in chaos - and i am going to leave it all behind in great amounts of denial and sail outta here.

the sun is shining and i am going to write here again, i promise - but it's just necessary to escape and be free from the confines today.

hope this saturday finds you all well!


judi said...

did you go boating yesterday??? argghhh!!! it was such a lovely day here, we managed to get a tiny bit of gardening done. we are coming up to maine in june, looking forward to putting the boats in the water then. don't foresee it happenening beforehand.

hope you had a lovely sail!

judi said...

oops, i should have said 'down maine'...

bobbie said...

hi judi!

no, sorry to give the wrong impression - i was trying to distinguish between "sale-ing" and "sailing" - making a joke about all of the work i left behind here to go junking.

it was cold and not at all boating weather here. hope you enjoy your "down maine" boating time - maybe by june it will actually be spring here! :)

judi said...

ah, that explains it! no need for excused to take a nice day to go 'shopping' :-) we love to stop at a local bakery, eat outside with the dog (who gets his very own cranberry nut muffin) and then hit garage sales! so go for it!

yes, i do hope spring will have arrived by june 9! i am really looking forward to hearing the loons along with the silence!