Sunday, August 05, 2007

a promise fulfilled

i have mentioned before that the biggest regret of my parenting thus far has been my inability to teach my kids how to ride their bikes. they are close enough in age to have both been mobile, but with liam always working so many hours when they were little i just couldn't manage it. we lived on a double corner where cars would whip so fast i just felt we were in danger, and the trees grew so large they buckled the sidewalks. it was a constant shame to me that my 11 & 9 year old did not have this wonderful freedom, this child hood skill that many master at such a young age.

it didn't bother them until this summer, and we miraculously acquired bikes that were the perfect size for each of them (i have given away 3-4 perfectly brand new bikes that we promised we'd use each season and never did). it was important to me that both liam and i be involved. my processing disorder is really good at explaining things verbally and maybe one single physical task, but the multiplicity of skills necessary for bike riding x 2 kids all at once seemed like more than i could handle. i think also that the fear of them being injured without liam there to help was strong too.

anyway - this being a 3 day weekend in canada i had a serious talk with liam (who has been riding his bike all summer and now has buns of steel btw) about making the commitment to do it THIS weekend. nothing was getting in it's way. invitations to friends house, disappointments - nothing. and today with great joy we walked their bikes over to our church parking lot 3 blocks away and they have mastered it. we went back after dinner and they are leaps and bounds ahead of this afternoon already. i knew they would be - i just knew this was a hump that i couldn't get over myself.

now we are able to return to the church with just the 3 of us because they are confident and mobile. still practicing awareness and fine motor skills, but the progress we have made today as a family has been victorious for all of us. i don't think you could wipe the smiles off of our faces on the way home.

some crashes, some scratches, bumps and blood, but finally, yes finally pink and buck are mobile. thank you jesus!


wilsonian said...

Yaaaaaaay for all concerned!


Heather said...

I know how good that must feel for all of you :) Yay!

gracie said...

one of those things that is such a trial to learn but is never forgotten!

onionboy said...

Ah, nothing, and I mean nothing, like riding a bike! thrive, everyone!