Friday, July 04, 2008

hodge podge post

i can't believe how long it's been since i've actually blogged. i've highlighted a few things here and there, but putting words down has been sparse. i have been journalling and answering step questions for my sponsor, but blogging has been non-existent.

it will be for the next couple of weeks too. we leave sunday for the closest southwest airlines airport (5 1/2 hours away) and spend the night in town and fly monday to portland. we've got 2 nights there and then a week on the california border at my aunt's house. my dad's 5 sisters will all be there and i am guessing that this will be the last time i'll be able to be with all six of them together. they're all getting old. my favorite aunt had a stroke this past year, my dad isn't playing basketball with the kids anymore. he can still shoot and coach, but he told me today he's done playing (which shocked me and broke my heart) and the other four are all just about as unhealthy.

these five women are the last ancestral links (except for one maternal aunt) i have on the planet... they are incredible women. some endured very difficult spouses, addiction, heartache and trials of various types. they come (i come) from pioneer stock. i'm hoping to catalog and record many of their stories this time. we've got a couple digital video recorders and i'm hoping they can just forget they are there and keep talking. i'd hate to think that their stories pass with them. there is so much i want to know.

at the end of that week we have all rented two reunion houses on the pacific coast for 5 days and a lot of extended family will be joining us there. i can't believe how the details for this trip have fallen together. it really feels like a god thing.

i'm hoping to have a real heart-to-heart with my dad while i'm there. i so long to talk theology with him. he still holds so tightly to that old plymouth brethren mindset. i know it was special to him. it gave him hope when so little in life did. but i'd love to show him where it has hurt both of us. i don't think that patriarchy serves the male species any better than the female. only the alpha males who bark and bite really get to thrive in that environment, the rest of us just feel inadequate. i think my father has spent most of his christian life feeling really inadequate. the truly "spiritual man" that was held out had more of my set of giftings than his. that was the diabolical part of this. my mother and i were given the gifts he lacked and required to fulfill his ROLE in life.

it's such an ill fitting cloak and i have shed it. i'd really love for him to also. and if he can't just to understand why i have without labeling me as rebellious, as i have been anything but.

i am also going to tell him that the only thing i have ever truly wanted in life was for him to tell me he was proud of me. i had thought for years (decades?) that it would spoil everything if i had to ask for it, but hope challenged that idea and reminded me that anything worth having is worth asking for. otherwise it may go unfulfilled forever.

the most difficult part of all of this is doing all of it for myself and not for his reaction or response. i am truly walking into this with the hope that i am able to empower myself to break free of the restraints, real or imagined, that have kept me feeling captive to his approval and control. i long to be free.

i don't know what kind of access i'll have to the internet while away, but i will miss your words. if you think of me any prayers for our safety and this situation would be so appreciated. have a lovely couple of weeks!


Judi said...

ah bobbie, getting down ancestral stories, what a wonderful thing to do! i wish i had thought of it years ago... have a wonderful time!

we will be in CA in august as well, a niece is getting married, but we'll be south near san diego.

as for your dad... yea i hear you... i have the same issue with my mother and step father (dad died when i was 10.. i still wonder what he would say about ron; would he be proud of me;)
anyway, you are brave to ask, but keep in mind... your true worth is in what Jesus did for you. as much as we want the praise of our parents (and we do so want it...) we are loved beyond what we can imagine. and i tell that to myself as i tell it to you. and i do NOT want this to sound like some kind of cliche, really... it's the truth and as hard as it is to grasp sometimes, we have to remind each other of it... :-)

travel safe, journal well, take good care,

Kel said...

blessings on you as you bless others by allowing them a space to tell their story

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip, Bobbie. What a great idea to record them all telling the stories. I wish you and your family safe travels and a wonderful time together.


Robert said...

sounds like a fantastic time for your family bobbie I hope you enjoy portland while your here i think you may miss our everpresnt rain and get a rare dose of sunshine lol hope the convo goes as you wish it too with your dad!!!

Anonymous said...

We accumulate so much in life but what we want, what our soul wants, is so basic: "i am also going to tell him that the only thing i have ever truly wanted in life was for him to tell me he was proud of me." I hope this comes to you.

Togenberg said...

Safe journeys!

I hope it goes well with your dad. If it does not I hope it goes well with you.

wilsonian said...

I hope that you're having an amazing, story-filled time!