Friday, October 10, 2008


re-framing the situations and story i find myself in has been one of the best new tools in my box lately. i think perspective has TONS to do with how we choose to move through life. i remember the story of the twin boys, one optimist, one pessimist, on christmas morning. the parents tried help each boy to a more realistic perspective on life and gave the pessimist a pony and the optimist a big pile of poo - and the optimist jumps for joy and starts digging, conviced that there must be a pony buried in there somewhere.

finding the silver lining, or at least re-framing my circumstances has helped me so much in this past year to have a more positive outlook.

this film trailer is one of the most hopeful, shiny moments i have had in quite some time, i just can't wait to see the film:



Anonymous said...

Oh, that one looks good. Thanks, Bobbie, I'd never heard of it. :)

Kel said...

another one to add to my DVD list

wilsonian said...

lol... that looks brilliant :)

Ghris said...

a pony? LMAO