Monday, June 29, 2009

we buy a home today

i have been horrible at blogging lately. i mentioned on my other blog that i didn't want to have to blog the heartbreak of not getting our house in case it fell through.

well, that also left out documenting the process if it didn't - and it didn't, or did, anyway - it's real. we bought an 85 year old craftsman bungalow that we adore and can't wait to move into.

it's been a glorious process, everything we needed was at hand - it's a beautiful story of redemption and i really want to take the time to document it. i've been journaling the process, but i need to flesh it out.

we've been given $ for a reno of the kitchen too, so we won't be moving in right away. we've got all of july to fix it up, paint, prettify and move. i couldn't be more excited.

it's been 14 years since we have had a home to call our own.

i have blogged more details on my other blog - leave comment if you don't know where that is and i'll contact you with the url.

thanks for celebrating with us. couldn't have done it without you.


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Judi said...

just back from two weeks in maine, read your recent blog. YAY! i am so very excited for you! congrats! may all the details go well!!

wilsonian said...

WOOOOT!!!! :)

Eli said...

Congratulations, Bobbie! Buying a house was such a painful, drawn out process for us that I always feel happy when I hear that it's worked out well for someone.