Monday, August 31, 2009

deep in my bones

i love this picture, the press it's getting and how it makes me feel deep in my bones.

i have a huge disconnect with my own body image. i regularly have liam take pictures of me so that i can see myself without my minds eye getting in the way. i realized that this woman in the picture is the size my body is now, i can hardly fathom it. she is so beautiful, and so comfortable in her skin. i pray that we can raise our daughters and sons in a world that doesn't tell them that this is broken or fat or unlovely.

Glamour's Plus Sized Win: Tipping point for more to come?


wilsonian said...

I love this picture too. But I really don't love the caption. The model is a size 12-14. It might just be me, but I'm a little shocked that they consider that plus-sized.

She's not plus-sized.
Neither are you.

Togenberg said...

She seems very attractive to me!

But this is wildly unusual for a magazine like Glamour, no? I mean the whole magazine is loud, glosy YoungHotSexyThinSuccessful imperative, so I don't think the image is an antidote or anything. But cool that it exists at all. Hopefully a sign of more change.

Texaco said...

ok - that just made me feel fantastic!!! thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow- just came across this photo recently through another friend's posts, and I love it as well.

Found your blog when googling a quote, "What is most personal is most universal." Great writings you have here!