Tuesday, September 28, 2010

is it any wonder i'm so f*cked up?

welcome to my childhood...

The Playboy Club on Madmen...The View is Better From Up Here

have you ever had a salad served to you by a woman w/ a bunny tail glued to her ass? i have - 6 years old. they had one of these in my home town - it was a resort and my aunt was the head of catering. my father was a "key holder" - we had dinner there at least 3 times i can remember. six years old.

i was flipping through the channels last night - they just changed our cheap cable to include amc - i have watched the first 2 seasons of "mad men" as the time frame is totally my growing up years, but i missed season 3 - and didn't really want to watch 1/2 way into this season, but i couldn't turn the channel when this came on - i was instantly transported back to this horror. how could anyone think this was a good place to bring your wife & daughters? oh my stinkin' heck.

other than that life is good, celebrating 24 years of marriage w/ liam today.

have a good one! miss you all.


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations on your 24th.

I have never been to a Playboy Club. I really don't think I've missed anything important.

Erin Wilson said...

Happy Anniversary :)

And here's to creating better stories...

Judi said...

congratulations on your anniversary!

it is beyond me why anyone would take a child to a playboy club. I have never been in one/never will go in one or a Hooters, for that matter.

Sarah Louise said...

There was a movie about Gloria Steinem who was at one point a Playboy Bunny...yeah. I think it was for her the turning point of wow, this is all messed up for women.

Sending hugs.

Also, CONGRATS!! Happy anniversary!!