Thursday, October 14, 2010

celebrating an 11 year milestone today

no time to blog, but wanted to mark my 11 year anniversary of abstinence from my sexual addiction and it has officially been 11 years since i have had chocolate. i have also sat at the side of my bed every night and read the "next" section of the bible, no meditation or thinking, just showing up. one day at a time. thank you god for these past 11 years of sanity and sobriety. i wouldn't be alive today without them. miss you all. wish i had more time to write. oh, and i turned 45 yesterday! :)


Erin Wilson said...

Congratulations on every single occasion of showing up!!

And Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope + pray that you have a year marked by depth... depth in relationship!


Hope said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday! I always think it's so cool that you celebrate those two so close together.

Sarah Louise said...

showing up is something i need to practice.

Thanks for being faithful, and congrats on your milestones and your birthday!


bobbie said...

the reason they are so close together hope is that i dumped my leftover birthday cake on the floor and let the dog finish it - i figured out that i was no longer a garbage can. :p

it was an empowering moment in my story. i don't know why THAT did it, but somehow it did.

thanks guys - love that you GET how much this means to me and my story.

Lee @ Addiction Blog said...

Happy Birthday (s). Mine was the 11th and I have 6.5 years sober Christmas Eve. Congratulations again.

Judi said...
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Judi said...

happy birthday and anniversay, bobbie! enjoy them both emensely!!

Eli said...

Congrats Bobbie!

I'm working on just showing up - doing what I'm supposed to with or without profound inspiration. It's really hard for me!

Togenberg said...

I missed this (can't access blogs from work) very important anniversary and birthday!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That's a wonderful achievement!