Tuesday, October 24, 2006

rambling blog throughts

okay, i can't seem to put my head around a real post today, and the technology problems are finally addressed, so i shall ramble...

...there will be a gnashing and burning place for those who write malware. i hope it is hot, lonely and full of creepy crawly things that torture their souls. they are evil incarnate and i'm so glad that they will have to stand before god one day and give answer to their choices. argh!

...spyware doctor is THE BEST investment you can make for your computer. period. we had 6 different antivirus companies (two of the biggies - norton & zone alarm) and NONE of them could get at the rook kit and kernals that spyware doctor easily removed. two computer licenses for less than $50.00 for a year of support is priceless in my book. if you are having computer problems this will fix them for you. as my good friend told me 'you want to keep paying these companies each year to stay on top of malware and viruses - it will only get worse if they don't have the resources to do so.' i think he's right.

...we have begun a creative outlet with another couple that we are all holding thumbs for, praying it could become a virtual reality. it's been a lot of fun breathing life into something that could really have wings and it uses each of our talents and gifts so well. the only downfall is that it has been hard to concentrate on preparing for my teaching times because this has captured all of my imagination and energy...

...3 day weekends are gifts from god. i think we should all have them every 4 weeks. the world would be a much nicer place to live in if we did.

...turning on the heat and making a big pot of soup on a cold day is heaven. it's toasty warm and smells so very good.

...we're doing research for a good printer and computer screen. nothing high end as we have limited resources - any suggestions??

...i heart 'the last kiss' soundtrack - especially soul patrol's chocolate and josh radin's star mile - listening to them when i walk makes me feel like i have a soundtrack for my life.

...my daughter pink (10) is beginning to have hormones and i'm not sure this house is big enough for the two of us... poor kid. she doesn't have the words to give voice to the unrest she is feeling. this is new ground for me. i so don't want to fill in the blanks for her. anyone else navigated this well?? help???

...i luff new slippers too. but throwing away my old ones feels sad somehow and i just can't part with them. they are too worn to donate, no one would want them...

...i have spent far too much time today reading blogs...

...bye for now

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aBhantiarna Solas said...

Hi Bobbie ... about Pink having hormones ... hang on. The best thing to do is create space for the two of you to talk whenever she has the mind to. What do you talk about? Whatever she wants ... she'll get around to asking the questions on her mind. LightGirl is almost 13 and began her journey with this a couple of years ago. OY! If you can get your hands on them American Girl publishes a couple of good books on self-care that were helpful and opened the door to some conversations. It's a difficult path, but really pretty wonderful too. I find I'm enjoying my daughter more and more every day. I love discovering the adult she's growing into. Many blessings on this part of your journey with Pink.