Tuesday, December 26, 2006

emerging sideways - top 5, give 5, fav 5

corner bob puts together the "top 5" blog every year and this year he's added a great twist. he's calling it "top 5, give 5, fav 5" - and everybody gets to play, not just bloggers - but blog readers too!

i you are a blog reader, and don't blog yourself you can submit your 5 favorite posts you have read this year too!

to participate we're all donating $5.00 each to the tipitina's foundation, a new orleans, post-katrina, effort to restore the music to that amazing city.

here are my top 5 for 2006:
  1. mary and martha
  2. the higher road
  3. the thumb in my back
  4. dirty little secrets - porn and the church
  5. youth ministry - the next 50 years - part 1 and youth ministry - the next 50 years - part 2

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