Monday, March 26, 2007

ted nugent plays on the next david crowder band cd!

i guess only the music guys are blogging lately - a little nice weather and the blogosphere goes silent, eh?

anyway - david crowder has been logging in on the production of their new cd and eating habits lately and the two crossed as they ran into fellow waco-ite (i have no idea what else they would call themselves?) ted nugent in a local eatery the other day.

david said that tomorrow he will be coming to the barn to play tracks for the new song 'we won't be quiet' - i wonder if he'll be touring with them? ha! ted nugent at the national youth workers convention! that's something i'd like to see!

keep track here:

emprise34's xanga site - david crowder's blog


Trudging said...


Lorna said...

the comment you wrote over at today at the mission was awesome

thanks sis

Tammy Jo said...

Finally!! music for the OLD youth workers!!

LOL. > your site is always the most amazing resource!

Love ya,

Tammy Jo