Monday, November 19, 2007

my new corner of the world

my computer and desk have a new home, it's quiet and lovely. i am enjoying it immensely, but it is really quiet. like i don't know if i can hear the doorbell or the telephone ring quiet.

no television, kids playing noise or anything. i'm almost worried i'll miss something.

but i guess the kids know where i am and so here i sit, under my eaves, at my little desk and type.

i treated myself today. i had some blueberry coffee beans i bought from benbows of bar harbor and enjoyed it in my 2 cats mug, lit my patchouli candle and savored my solitude (my son called home from school sick, but he was far away in his room).

this is definitely a place to find "empty"...

i wrote an email to my therapist and told him that i no longer wanted to make friends with empty. i wanted to hunt it down and beat it with a stick. this is harder than it sounds.

anyway, i leave you with a picture from my new office.


Patchouli said...

I have a stick...

I love you so much for never, never, never giving up. You are one of the most courageous people I have known.

bobbie said...


after writing this i have found a bit more peace with it - not yet friends, but we can seem to be in the same room.

love you too! thank you for the encouragement!

steph said...

"i'm almost worried i'll miss something." take out the "almost" and you have stephanie in a nutshell.

good to see your space. i hope you are enjoying school. : )