Monday, June 08, 2009

frozen by thinking

okay - have identified a major character defect in my life - too much thinking. not enough doing. damn. s.o. s.i.c.k. o.f. i.t.

we have looked at MORE HOUSE than anyone in the history of this little burg - and because i don't have a deadline i can't act. i keep saying 'maybe something else will shake loose' or 'this one just isn't it' or 'i don't have peace' - but mostly it's just that i think too much and do too little.


we're walking to see a privately listed house tonight - i'm too ashamed to call my realtor to re-see the two that i'm THINKING about now... i've wasted so much of his time. he's a great guy, and so helpful - but i'm pushing the edges of his patience, i can tell...

i told him i was going to come down to his office to do some filing or something... i know it's his job - oh well. i have made a ton of progress on my step 4 by NOT THINKING about it and just doing it - so small victories i guess.

just tired of being frozen.


wilsonian said...

Sometimes the freezing speaks lies, but sometimes it speaks truth. What is it saying to you?

Togenberg said...

I can overthink a lot. Sometimes it's my habitual panic-y, defensive overthinking, and sometimes it's good reflection and sometimes it's annoying overreflection (an undesirable result of being reflective).

Sometimes this can be paralyzing and make action impossible. :P

Kel said...

hope things are thawing out for you

Back To Life Again said...

I need more of this too - thanks for the reminder! I have a friend who keeps telling me: just do the next thing. I so need to hear it.

bobbie said...

thank you all - haven't been back to read emails or check comments - so much has unthawed - but erin - you are right - sometimes it is good, and i'm learning from it all.

idelette said...

Have you done your Strengthsfinder 2.0 yet??? Just did this a few weeks ago and discovered that four out of five of my strengths had to do with my head. Really set me free. My strengths were ideation, intellection, input, learner and achiever. Number five thankfully helped to get some action into the picture. There was a season in my journey where I felt judged for not taking enough action. I now understand why I was somewhat stuck. Anyways. I have an idea your strengths (and therefore GIFTS to the world) have MUCH to do with your thought world! Think on that, darling.

love ya.

Eli said...

House-hunting has a way of doing this to anybody, don't you think?

I can sure understand the over-thinking. I need external deadlines to get me into action. I can't just keep planning and thinking about a church service when it's approaching, and I know I will be in front of people soon. That has a way of kicking me into action :-)