Sunday, May 08, 2005

hiding in the noon day sun

stephanie at just etchings has written about the woman at the well. it has moved me like not much else has done lately. part of the life of distraction i've been living lately means that i need to feel something deeply for it to hold my attention. i'm sure that's why blogging has been non-existent. either i can't get there, or don't want to and am avoiding it.

stephanie is writing about identity and uses the woman at the well's interaction with jesus. she names the woman at the well galia - god shall redeem - you know me and redemption. i'm thinking about changing my name!

here's a bit of the comments i left on her blog:

i love that she was hiding in the noon day sun - far away from the eyes of the judgemental women who came to fill their water pots in the cool of the day. hiding in the light of the sun.

you mentioned above that "Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth." - this made me tear up. around here lately it seems that the truth matters little to many - what they believe to be true seems far more important.

in the deepest part of my soul i am a truth seeker - probably even more than a christ seeker - i know that truth will always lead me to the Truth. the fact that it is worship never crossed my mind. thank you stephanie, i really needed this. my identity right now is suffering and i am raw with emotion that comes when my spirit is engaged as of late.

"Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth." i'm going to write that out and put it above my computer today. i will also be reading john 4 tonight. thank you for the challenge!

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