Tuesday, July 25, 2006


i received an email yesterday from the head of the program we start in the fall (who is also the pastor at the church we are attending). he just returned from the summer term in europe with the students and had a chance to listen to liam's teaching from a couple of weeks ago. he was so encouraging and excited. it's great to have he and his wife home. the part of the email that jumped out at me was him asking if i would consider teaching on a sunday in the fall. me. oh it's good to be involved in a place where i am a person too!

so i begin to prepare in my head. where to start? so many things i've wanted to say over 40 years? i feel like i've been granted a 'make a wish' wish. some people pick disneyland. i pick this. i literally have waited my whole life for this. it sounds insane doesn't it? but it's real and i am excited.


Rob said...

This is wonderful. I'll be praying for you for guidance!

I feel somehow that I shouldn't say "congratulations," but is there anything wrong with getting to the place the Spirit has prepared you for?

I am glad you are valued as a person at this place!

Tim said...

This is excellent. I can't wait to hear what you choose to speak on.