Wednesday, October 18, 2006

life is getting busy

i am not avoiding my blog, really. it's just a slighly busier time than normal and i haven't had a sec to really sit with my thoughts enough to write. so here's a random thought update:

-the weekend was amazing, my birthday was honored by those who love me and i love and my kids made me such beautiful gifts. liam made wonderful birthday crepes on saturday and we spent much time being together and celebrating. my father even remembered to call me! yipee!

-i got one of the best presents of all as the women from our new community have asked me to speak at our retreat at the end of november. i am honored and very excited.

-the godfather is slipping into our community to teach at chapel today and i am so excited to finally get a chance to meet him.

-i have amazing friends here, afar and in blogdom who i am so grateful for.

-we got some really amazing financial news on the homefront today and funds have been released that we thought we had no hope of recovering. we're both breathing a huge sigh of relief.

-i am doing really good work with my new counselor and making connections that are bringing so much light and life.

-through the wonderful influence of a good friend we get to volunteer at the national youth workers convention in cincinatti next month, something we really thought we'd have to set aside this year. it's always the highlight of our year and we can't wait to sink back into that culture. it's cheered my liam greatly to know he hasn't lost this connection even though he isn't 'doing' youth ministry at the present time.

so many random thoughts, i'll try to put fingers to keys to give these swirling thoughts i'm having some sense and life soon. hope you're having a great day!


Matthew said...

I hope you get a chance to talk to the godfather...

If you do tell him I said hello.

Deb said...

I'm so glad things are going so well. You "sound" full of joy!

david said...

old lessons that have eluded me off and on for years were my reminders while reading your post . . . i read this book several years ago called "margin" its about the art of living simply with intentional margin (time, money, and other resources) available because margin exists in our lives . . . the execution of these things are a process

'neice said...

That's awesome, Bobbie. I got turnd down for NYWC so I am jealous! Have a great time! I'm also glad you had a great birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Good to hear the bits of update on your life. Sounds like a good season, hope you're finding rest and joy in the midst of it.


wilsonian said...

How lovely to read this.
Am so very happy for you!!

Sarah Louise said...

somehow I missed your birthday...happy belated!!