Friday, December 08, 2006

the highly sensitive person

oh my goodness.

i feel like a light has turned on.

yesterday blair left a comment on this post describing herself as a 'highly sensitive person' - i read that and thought 'oh, interesting term' and kept reading.

today i got an email from anj, who was having difficulty leaving comments and again used the term 'highly sensitive person' and told me of a book i could read entitled the same. at first i thought "oh you can't mean me? i'm not sensitive, i'm blustery, i'm "out there", i'm not your typical introvert-type person." or would those who know me (i think) think of me as 'highly sensitive'. i took that term to mean kind-hearted, gift of mercy, nurse-like type people. not me.

i thought, "well, there must be something to this to hear this term twice in 24 hours" - so i typed "highly sensitive person" into google and got their website:

The Highly Sensitive Person

they have a little test you can take, because, skeptic that i am, i thought, "well, we can rule this out quickly". there are 27 little questions - if you score 14 or higher you are probably a "HSP" - i scored 22. gasp!

it feels like a light has turned on. thank you blair and anj!

my pink has to leave the room when the vacuum cleaner is on - she cried and plugged her ears when we took her to fire works as a toddler. pink is a 'highly sensitive person' - oh my goodness. BIG FAT KEYS TO BIG FAT DOORS!!! yippee!!

this makes SO MUCH SENSE now. i can't wait to read the books. i'm just in awe of all of this new information that will help me unlock so much of my own and my daughters life. thank you, thank you, thank you!

off to read more of the website.

are you a highly sensitive person? take the self-test here: self-test


Sarah Louise said...

This describes my former neighbor to an absolute "T."

Hope said...

Wow woman - you have had one light bulb moment after another this week and all of them connected. Very cool. Your openess encourages me to be open, too.

Erin said...


Lots of good stuff going on for you...

patchouli said...

Wow--all three of my littles AND me--to different degrees.

I hope that I can teach them to see this as a gift, although it can seem to be the opposite.