Sunday, December 31, 2006

kindred hearts for a new year

thank you all for your excitement and wishes for our time with erin. she is as lovely in person as she is in words.

i feel so blessed to have her here. she fits in like she's been here forever (and should be forever!!)

stories intertwining, questions asked and answered. there have been lots of words shared at our table.

i think we all should have this opportunity, those of us who's hearts have been entwined together here online, we need to meet face to face and be reminded that we are not alone. this is real.

i have also learned that there are some lurkers out there on my blog who have questions about me. you don't know how much it would mean to me to know you too. please, ask away, i am truly an open book. if you regularly read my words and take the time to come back here again and again you are a friend. please even let me know if you blog so that i can have the honor of reading your words. it would touch me greatly.

i pray this year, as mike said on his blog is filled with something BIG. there is something viral happening, something BIG. i can't wait to be a part of it somehow.

happy new year dear friends!


judi said...

hi bobbie, i'll take that invitation to write to you as having been said to me :-) (oh it has to be about me sometimes!)

after the holidays...really... i'll be glad to tell you about myself. would you prefer private email?

blessings for the new year

wilsonian said...


I am so glad to be here! :)

Amy A. said...

Happy New Year, bobbie! (and you, too, Erin!)

Looks like you guys are having a ball. Happy for you!

Amy A.

Robert said...

Amen bobbie!!!! It would be so cool to meet so many of the awesome people that have blessed me via blogland!!! Thanks for sharing your fun and joy being had with erin, i know it warms our hearts to hear about it!!!

Deb said...

I agree Erin, she does rock and I'm glad you're there too!!!

Happy New Year to you both!

Trudging said...

Happy New Year!

Kel said...

going a darker shade of green . . .
and wondering how come it's the canadian bloggers I've resonated with - you all live way too far away!

while Mr X and I are working on a big project, and we're aware of a big worldwide change in how people "live the life", this year I'm hoping to be a success in the small things, the little everyday things that make a difference to those around me

God grant me the serenity to make time for the small stuff

Sarah Louise said...

Ah, have all kinds of fun!!