Thursday, December 28, 2006

my best christmas present is almost here!

our dear blogger friend, she of the twice-baked thoughts, will be here, visiting for a lovely long weekend starting tomorrow. i am so excited!

one of the best things about the internet was showing me that although i am different than most people i live around, i am not alone. i am unique, just not 'one of a kind'. the kindred spirits i have found in the blogworld have allowed me to 'fit in' for one of the first times in my life.

erin is definitely a kindred spirit and I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER!

it is so strange to speak of one of your best friends coming to visit to those in your community, and then you realize how strange it sounds to them that we've never met face to face. there are some of you who know me better than my own sister now. i consider you sisters of a sort.

having the opportunity to welcome erin into our home is just such a gift for me. to show her around our area (and persuade her to relocate! ha!) is going to be a lot of fun. and just hanging out and connecting face to face will be the best thing ever!

safe travels erin!!


Erin said...

I think I'd better settle down. Won't do either of us any good if I burst from excitement before I get there lol!

patchouli said...

Have lots of fun (while I sit here and feel sorry for myself for not being there too--okay now I'm over it) together!

Sarah Louise said...

If I weren't so happy to be home, I'd be jealous. ENJOY!!

Amy A. said...

What fun! I often wonder what it would be like to meet some of my sweet internetties!

You girls have a great time.

Deb said...

Have a WONDERFUL time. I just know you will!!!