Wednesday, December 27, 2006

self-care christmas

this was the first christmas since the kids were born (pink is soon to be 11) that we haven't been in ministry, traveling or moving for the christmas season. it seemed so indulgent. almost selfish. when i look at reality it truly wasn't. but we have gone so long for 'others' that we had forgotten what caring for ourselves looked like.

we had intentions of announcing an open invitation to anyone at church who didn't have plans, but one second before i stood up another woman stood to invite all to their home. we considered going but there weren't any children out kids ages and knew that taking them away from their just opened presents to sit with adults and babies would be a long journey of "is it time to go home yets".

so, we decided that our turkey dinner would be just for us. on christmas morning liam blessed us all with crepes and a lovely cheese filling, topped with a three berry compote. it was incredible. for dinner i baked two pies, splenda pumpkin and splenda apple/pear. there was one packet of yeast left from the st. lucy buns, so i decided that i wasn't going to be afraid of it and made clover buns to go with our turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, ginger sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, and local cranberries.

the whole time i was preparing i kept getting the impulse that this was too indulgent for "just us" - we rarely cooked a roast, or actually went to the trouble of preparing a real meal in my home growing up unless company was coming.

i serve my family real meals and cook regularly, but somehow putting this much work into a meal that "no one else was going to see" just seemed almost silly. i had to keep reminding myself that we were worth it, and that modeling that for my children was so important.

it was the most enjoyable meal, no pressure, no stress, just us and an abundant meal, prepared with love for those i cherish most. it was truly a lesson in self-care. we learned that we are worth it, this pace of life honors us and our personalities and we figured out those things that give us life, put us in touch with the sacred things we long for and reminded us of what is truly important.

it was a truly, merry christmas.


onionboy said...

Slaughter the fatted turkey, wear a ring and dress in a fine gown, and on your feet wear good sandals. Now, go and make merry for you have come home and the Father loves you.

{Well, I know you weren't really "prodigal" but you did learn to love yourself in a good way and that's worth celebration.}

TCS said...

good for you.

judi said...

great story, bobbie!!! i do understand what you mean about making a lovely meal for "just" you and your family, but ya know? you and them are pretty important too! it sounds like you had a wonderful day.

blessings in the new year

Laura said...

That is wonderful! We did something very similar.

Part of my "murder" musing is also connected to the ways in which we commit murder toward our own spirits when we deny our own real needs for fear of being selfish, or out of guilt. You probably needed the rest this Christmas, and needed the attention to focus more upon your own family. Great for you!

Amy A. said...

Lovely. We were 'just us', too and boy, was it good.

accepted said...

Wow,this is what I have done as well ...what kind of message have I sent the ones I most treasure...thanks for sharing !
I will "Wow" them ,or rather, Bless them with a wonderful meal prepared in a special way at least once a week !

Elizabeth said...

So glad you could have a fun, indulgent family Christmas celebration. Sounds like it was good for your spirits.

bobbie said...

oh 6 comments - it feels like christmas again! thank you all for your input and confirmation that we were on the right track.

and yes "O" - have been the prodigal, so those thoughts resonate deeply with me, thank you!

laura - i can't wait to read about the 'murder' post, i haven't seen it yet, so i'll comment there.

accepted - i am so glad that this resonated to encourage you to invest in yourself and family too - i think it is a huge missing link in our recapturing of all that is healthy and whole.

Deb said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful time!! I'm so happy for you, liam and the kids.

Love you!