Friday, March 02, 2007

this is about the time i want to punch bing crosby

okay, stop with the snow already!

it should be illegal to call a snow day on the day before march break, right? stretching the already long 11 days to 12... sigh. i guess if you're traveling it's wonderful, but when you're not, occupying kids for that stretch of time can be a lot of work.

especially when the mother is planning a birthday party for her son tomorrow. i just wanted that too much to ask??

i just can't get that part of 'holiday inn' out of my head where bing and the other three are riding the train to vermont singing that blasted song. i can't get it out of my head...

so, now you know how my day's going... how's yours??


judi said...

you've had snow that long??? wow...well, you are in the upper east of the US :-)

i'm getting ready to go to india! we leave march 15, for two weeks. and i am sooooooo far from ready... it's an exploratory trip over, there are 8 of us, dear husband is not coming, unfortunately.

hope your snow lets up sometime. so far, we've had it good down here, but it's cold tonight and it feels like the 's' word!


Kel said...

see, that's the non-romantic side of living where it snows, that us temperate climate folk don't understand

hope you cope :)