Wednesday, July 11, 2007

adventures with volvo

time for the next installment of "adventures with volvo" - it is fixed, running beautifully and only cost us $146.00 - and the mechanic fixed tons of stuff that we had no idea was even not working. he was incredible! we brought baked goods to express our deep gratitude at his speediness and his thoroughness.

and the best news is that the transmission is fabulous. he removed the pan and it is clean and healthy! so many long years of driving may continue!! it was actually a cable that got stretched and kept telling the engine we were passing in the high gears. he fixed it well enough to get us far past home. we are so relieved.

i told liam that he could have charged us six times as much and i would have still been happy and relieved!

we're having a great time with family and i'm so enjoying some quality time with my niece. she's finally starting to warm up to us and is such a sweet gem.

thanks so much for your prayers and encouragment! it's been wonderful to know that we've got friends globe-wide praying for us! much love!


Hope said...

How very good to have an honest mechanic who didn't say the whole thing was shot just so he could get more money. Ah, how can you tell I have a hard time trusting mechanics?

I'm glad the visiting is going well, too!

Missing you.

Trudging said...

Wow, that is a great story!