Friday, July 27, 2007


argh! i hate computers! the fan in the desktop is not working so my regular computer is out of commission for a bit and now the laptop is having problems with the alt key & fgh keys. they are sticking for some reason and as long as i don't type my name (which begins with H) or any words that have those letters in them the lappy is fine. if i do it goes into a grand mal seizure... sigh.

so i guess the remedy to my blogging block is having the computer crash because i've been rife with ideas of blog posts since i have not had the ability to blog... i'm at the library in the relief of the air conditioning with my kids at my side begging to use the computer here because they're in as much withdrawl as i am... so i can't write anything more pithy or interesting and besides that the heat has pretty much fried my brain. dear god, send rain and cool breezes soon.

hope you all are well, if i'm not responding to your emails, leaving comments on your wonderful posts or just plain old silent here it's only because of "fg&h" :)

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Patchouli said...

Still stuck on this end of the country-- I think I'm missing my Emily.