Monday, July 09, 2007

safe & sound - part iii

hi all - thanks for your prayers and encouragement - we are safe and enjoying camp. the car went in today to a great transmission guy my brother in law has used - so hopefully we can afford him. we joked and told him he was so good that people were coming from canada to get work done. hopefully it can be road worthy by the weekend.

pink and buck are having a great time at camp and can hardly stop to acknowledge us and we love to see them running and playing and enjoying every minute.

liam and i on the other hand have a private camp lot right on the lake and we are just loving our secluded escape and time together.

thanks again for all of your prayers and support!


judi said...

oh yay, you got there safely. and how nice that you and liam have a special place for yourselves! is it a camp with cabins, and the kids stay with you? and it's in maine? canada?

enjoy! relax!

Trudging said...

It sounds great! Except for the transmission thing of course.