Monday, January 14, 2008

the 12 principles and virtues

i had never heard these before:

1. Honesty
2. Hope
3. Faith
4. Courage
5. Integrity
6. Willingness
7. Humility
8. Brotherly Love
9. Justice
10. Perseverance
11. Spirituality
12. Service

thanks tex!


Texaco said...

oh, wow. you're totally welcome. it's not like I invented it, but I'm really happy to share it.

I started this out of necessity, too, btw. the voice I needed to hear wasn't out there. when the 'maestro' tells me to sing, I sing. glad you're in the chorus, too.

Sarah Louise said...

and folks, this is why we blog. So sing it, both of you!!

Friar Tuck said...

thanks to you as well