Monday, January 07, 2008

family game funny

i fasted television last week and that made a lot of room in our family's lives for other things like games. we played lots of mexican train dominoes and apples to apples last week.

one memory i want to retain was the roots to our new inside joke. if you're not familiar with apples to apples it's a wonderful word game - green cards have a descriptive word, one is turned over each hand by one player who is the judge for that turn. the others look through their hand of red cards to find the one that most matches the descriptive card that when filtered through the judge's eyes will most closely resonate with that descriptive word. if the judge picks your word you win a point. (i have no idea if that makes sense - get the game & read the directions!)

anyway - pink turned over the word "fragrant" and the only card i had in my hand that had any "smell" links to it at all was a card that said "homeless shelter" - so now the term - "you smell like a homeless shelter" has sadly worked it's way into our vocabularies. (much better than the other option liam threw - "you smell like dolly parton"...)


stephanie said...

We love apple to apples in our family too - specially the crab apple version, where you have to do the opposite. You find a card in your hand that is the direct opposite to the middle card. You get some interesting ones there as well.

Kel said...

what a cool phrase to add to the family vocab

games nights are such good memory makers

we played cranium over xmas, introduced our extended families to it and had a hoot

Sarah Louise said...

ooh, games. Although, I think Dolly Parton probably would smell very nice, like hairspray and perfume.

My brother once spent the night in a homeless shelter (he was traveling and some guy was like, hey, come over sleep at the mission.)