Friday, January 18, 2008

fire dance with me

as i sat in silence yesterday i opened my eyes to see that the candle i had lit wasn't working well. it only had this teeny, puny flame that in the light of day wasn't near enough to inspire me. so i went and grabbed another. this one really needed a wick trim, but i so enjoyed the tall flame it cast. i returned to sitting with my eyes closed for a time and when i opened them again i was struck by the black curling smoke coming off of the dancing wick.

i was mesmerized. i watched as the flame jerked and contorted and burned off the dust from the candle wax. then it seemed to flow into a kind of dance where it was swaying in the momentum it had created. and then it was still.

it cycled through that process over and over again. and a small bell rang in my head. this is you. we are burning off the dust. you hate it, fight it, contort, rage and stomp for a period and then you flow into the rhythm that the momentum ignites and you dance until you are able again to be still.

again, i was mesmerized.

eventually i video taped it so that i could remember it and upload it here. i am having difficulty getting it to work, but will do it as soon as i am able so that you too can see the beauty of the dancing flame.


Kel said...

wonderful words
look forward seeing it too

Anonymous said...

Just want to let you know that I visited your blog and enjoyed it very much. I will be sure to come back and visit. I put you on my list of favorites. I Found your link when I was hanging out at the "Last Chance Texaco"

bobbie said...

welcome dirty dishes! (ha! that sounds funny in my head typing that!) I look forward to reading your blog too!