Thursday, December 08, 2005

in keeping with the anti-credit theme i've got going on this week i wanted to give ya'll a head's up on something i've just found.

are you tired of the 100's of credit card applications sent to you monthly?? did you know you can "OPT OUT"??? i did not until today. you can opt out for 5 years, or permanently - yipee!

with moving i knew that whomever bought out home would be receiving our mail after the forwarding stops, as we receive the mail of the person who lived here over 10 years ago - tons of her credit card applications. i am afraid that the next person would use these applications to possibly hijack our credit.

so, to put an end to the millions of trees who must give their lives so that citibank can capture my non-existent credit card business and to keep my name out of the hands of others we here have opted out - now you can too:

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Anonymous said...

Using helps you another way besides the one you mention. Think about those pre-approvals with their easy-to-fill-out forms just sitting in your mail box waiting for someone to come along and steal them. You don't want these pre-approvals things out there where anyone can access them and send them in. All a crook has to do is wait for the credit card to appear in your mailbox so that they can go shopping.