Saturday, December 10, 2005

top 5 for 2005

2005 will go down in my history books as a year i will never want to live over. i am so ready to put an end to it and live in the new that 2006 will be bringing for us. 2005 held so many changes, so much pain, and many disappointments. There were many bright spots and moments that changed all of us forever - it was a pivotal year, but one that i'm ready to put down in the history books.

corner bob is encouraging bloggers again this year to remember the year with a top 5 list. i took the time this morning to re-read through my year of blogging and i must say i can't believe so many of you are still reading my words. what a negative year i've had. yuck. lots of anger, hurt and pain poured into my keyboard this past year - i'm ready to put it behind me! i'm sure you are too! thanks for sticking with me this year - you have all made it do-able - knowing i wasn't alone and feeling your support has been extraordinary. thank you!

i've ended this with my hopes for 2006 - they are big hopes, big dreams and there are even more than 5 - but those will come later. it is with great anticipation and expectations that i enter 2006 this year. i am so ready for change. the best part of it is that i get to take the blogosphere with me, that doesn't change. thanks for sticking by me this year. you're the best!

my top 5 for 2005
  1. i'm expecting
  2. a mirror to our souls
  3. and what a time it was
  4. five golden rings
  5. 525600 minutes
Top 5 moments of the year:
  1. participating in the 1000 journals documentary
  2. being reborn during the dcb's 'deliver me' and 'you are my joy' worship at nywc in pittsburgh (i haven't blogged about this yet...)
  3. the whirlwind east coast tour of 2005
  4. family sabbatical fall 2005
  5. watching liam choose life and health and growth this year, there has been nothing like it.
Top 5 movies: (lame list, i don't see many and i have a horrible memory for things like this)
  1. Narnia (even though i haven't seen it yet)
  2. Hotel Rwanda (i didn't see it until this year on dvd)
  3. HP Goblet of Fire
  4. Shrek 2
  5. Whale Rider (didn't see it until this year either)
Hopes for 2006
  1. Smooth move to NB, no surpises financially or logistically
  2. COMMUNITY, real kingdom life together with kindred souls
  3. Real friends for Pink & Buck - best friends, the kind you remember forever.
  4. liveable wages and benefits so we are able to remain debt free and live generously
  5. to begin our masters in ministry, something i only ever dreamed of before
farewell 2005, a year of transition!

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