Friday, February 10, 2006

blogspot confusion

whew - i have just created liam's new blog by migrating the family blog to a new blogspot account and using our old family blog address (which i created to hold the name for him in case he ever wanted). he was using so that it didn't create blogger comment sign in confusion, but it's so slow and inadequate - so he's up and running at the family blog and i've got the family blog transferred (minus comments, sigh) to it's new home.

so, if you ever see my comments under liam's name or the family blog name forgive me - i realized the other day that i 'blogged this' for christy's post on rachel's lament under the family blog.. would be a bit confusing for his mom to read that... :) oh well, i edited it and nobody seemed to notice, but it could get a bit confusing at times with logging in and out.

i'm posting the links to the blogs in a soon to be deleated blog post that i'll only leave up for a day or so - so if you want the link to either of them email me and i'll forward them to you.

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