Tuesday, February 28, 2006

made another friend!

okay, i guess that i've been starved for so long it seems like such a monumetal thing to find kindred souls - but i have, and it was orchestrated by my older new friend who knew that we'd have lots in common - so she's a generous older new friend - so i couldn't be my jazzed than i am. she is also an ex-ministry wife and we have tons in common.

god is orchestrating something here, and i am so tickled to be a part of it. stephanie, i am now seeing touches of your maestro and it is beautiful! i never understood that name for god before. i guess it happens when you're part of something bigger than you maybe, and i guess up to this point i either wasn't, or didn't have the eyes to see it. either way, i see it now and couldn't be more amazed. WOW!

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