Saturday, March 04, 2006

land, gold & women

As it has been for centuries, women who are raped in Pakistan are widely considered to have been shamed. Many commit suicide. Most remain silent. Those who do go to the police fear being raped again or even thrown in jail. Recently, however, Pakistani women are fighting back. They are confronting religious conservatives and a series of retrograde laws. They are confronting the police, the army and the Pakistan government. They are confronting an ancient tribal code in which a man is expected to fight to the death for what are considered possessions: "Zameen, Zar, Zen" - Land, gold… and women.
cbc will be airing a documentary on these women Sunday, March 5 at 8 PM ET
Thursday, March 9 at 10 PM ET & 10 PM PT.

CBC News: Correspondent - Land, Gold & Women

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