Monday, March 13, 2006

it's really me!

i have updated my blogger profile image and it's really a picture of ME! liam took it of me the day in february we pointed the volvo toward the ocean to see what we could see. it was a glorious day. we went beach combing and found a real live lighthouse.

this was my first view of the bay without landscape in the way - i was welcoming the ocean into my life here. it has gotten deep into my soul in a way i never expected.

as you can tell i'm feeling a lot safer here than i did back in pennsylvania. a few people here have asked me for my 'mystery blog' - i haven't given it out yet, but know that i can be easily found by a good googler if they are determined. i would just ask that if you do find me you tell me - it's not a big deal, i just would love to know you're reading.

i blog later on the talk at church. email me if you want the link to the audio and i'll gladly send it to you.

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