Monday, June 05, 2006

i made it

well, i went to the evening meeting last night. it was so hard to make myself go, but i did.

people were very friendly and there were 2 leads given. they were both wonderful stories of recovery. i found it difficult though to connect with the stories emotionally. i know i could be an alcoholic if i started drinking - i can use varied and sundry substances and behaviors to avoid emotions and soothe my ravaged soul - but i couldn't connect. if they were talking about drinking cake mix from the bowl while crouched down next to your fridge on the floor so your children don't see you it would have moved me deeply, but stories of fighting in bars and waking up hung over, while intense, weren't similar to mine.

i also realized that one of the biggest parts of recovery for me is being able to share my story. i have no idea if it would even be allowed as i don't have a lot of alcohol related stories. i scared myself pretty badly in high school and knew i'd be dead if i kept drinking - so it's been a lot of years since i was in the middle of that risky behavior. anyone with aa experience ever been at a meeting where someone shared about a different addiction?

the closest oa meeting is 2 1/2 hours away... i'm going to call the contact number i have found for the aa meetings to find out how to navigate this. i know it is better than nothing, but i didn't feel that instant bond of 'kindred spirits' like i have in other recovery groups... any e/s/h on this one?

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