Friday, June 23, 2006

school's out for summer!

yes, we just finished - they go a couple weeks later in the season that the US schools.

when they got home i called everybody into the living room - we all joined hands and then liam and i did the crazy-leg, spastic dance yelling "SCHOOL'S OUT, SCHOOL'S OUT, YIPEE!!!" the kids were so shocked it took them a sec to start dancing too. buck said 'oh, i thought we were going to pray!' :) nice to know we can still surprise them!

so things change once again here... i know i didn't accomplish nearly enough personally in this past season, but i must cut myself some slack because we accomplished so very much on the relocation front. so WELCOME SUMMER!! i will try to embrace you, embrace my full-house, the humidity and heat and find quiet, pockets of cool and solitude along the way.

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