Monday, September 04, 2006

oh thank heaven

i know that deb writes regularly about her family's ability to confuse and mix up phrases and words. it always makes me laugh when i read them.

liam and are always get a smile over our own fathers mix-ups - they both have the gift of not really nailing things right on the head.

i remember back when pink was a baby, we wanted a little toy cart for her and asked that liam's dad buy it for her for her 1st birthday. we gave him the particulars and told him that he could get it at toys-r-us or one of the big chain stores. so we were quite surprised at the party when she was given a knock-off, made in china car that played 'scotland the brave' when you pushed the horn. THE WHOLE SONG, over and over - and over...

he explained afterward that nobody in our area carried the pisher-fish kids car. he said he went to each store and asked the workers there where the pisher-fish section was and all he got was blank stares. (fisher-price)

last night liam got off the phone with his dad and was chuckling. he said his father was very moved by all of the world trade center remembrances and tributes that have been happening on the television these past couple of days. he said 'i can't believe 7-11 happened 5 years ago'.

anybody want a slurpee?

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