Wednesday, February 14, 2007

22 valentines days

22 years ago i was on a scavenger hunt through the college to find the ugliest 80's hot pink and teal paisley blouse i would ever own. it was a gift from liam. he thought the blouse was beautiful. i, on the other hand, with my BRIGHT RED HAIR knew that hot pink and i would never be friends, but i was so touched at his thoughtfulness. that he had spent his pennies at the mall, wandering the stores looking for that perfect gift that would encapsulate the most intense love and passion that we could must in the 20 years we had been on the earth.

i have no memory of what gift i got him. he probably doesn't either. maybe it was that ugly mug i painted with the big eyeball w/ lashes, the <3 and the sadly drawn sheep -eye heart ewe... (see, i really shouldn't be complaining about the ugly blouse, should i?). but neither of the gifts mattered. what mattered is that it was the first day meant to celebrate the passion we felt for each other.

22 valentines days. it hardly seems possible, and yet it also seems like it should be 77. just yesterday and forever. how can that paradox exist? we have officially been together longer than we've been apart. the most rocky, intense, passionate, quarrelsome, fun-filled, hilarious, crazy making ride of our lives. i don't think either of us would have it any other way.

i love you liam. happy valentines day!


bobbie said...

In my defense, the blouse was at the height of fashion in 1985! (is that an oxymoronic statement?)

143 x 1/0


Lori said...

I hope you kept it and are wearing it today as a momento for Liam! The 80's are very cool again right now, eh?! When Mike and I met in '85, I wore this dreadful red & white wide striped cotton shorts jumpsuit with a very wide white cotton belt with a huge round buckle.

It's a wonder he married me.

Happy Valentines Day!

judi said...

that's a great story, bobbie and liam :-) many, many more valentine's days to you!


Deb said...

Very sweet...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

daisymarie said...

no wait...that's how our ride has been. makes you sort of wonder why so many give up so early. we'll be celebrating 28 years of sticking it out, sticking together, and loving the journey on saturday.

Trudging said...

Hey I had the exact same shirt(-: