Thursday, February 08, 2007

feeling the blogland luv!

i keep a post office box across the border for books, bills and US mail, and as i went to check it today it was like christmas! my box was packed full of wonderfulness.
  • and finally, last, but not least her zine-ness herself - jen lemen's zine that is truly the most encouraging hug of grace and beauty.

    all of that and a great haircut have made my day!!


onionboy said...

"flibbertigibbet" a wonderful word. One of those words that way complicates its simple meaning but fun none the less. It is also the only word our son has not known this semester in his grade 11 English course where the teacher presents three new words each class. Yeah, our son is a reader.

Kel said...

cool, hope you enjoy the read of the little rowboat book

I just ordered one of Jen's zines too, but it will probably take awhile to get to the southern side of the planet

Alexis said...

Zines - wow - they're still made! That is soo cool! I used to publish one MALCHUS we had 10 writers, and loads of fun. I've not seen any zines in ages - had feared they were overwhelmed by the net.