Friday, February 09, 2007


UPDATE: i've added the link to DRC journal 4 as tonya has just published it - wow!

  • our gypsy girl tonya is changing the world in the democratic republic of congo (DRC). one woman just one day decides to make a difference and does it. she is inspiration personified. i can't be more thrilled that she's letting us journey along with her in her chronicles:
  1. DRC Journal Entry 1
  2. DRC Journal Entry 2
  3. DRC Journal Entry 3
  4. DRC Journal Entry 4
  • ice like the pros - do you have a chronic knee injury or need to ice regularly? this is the coolest new invention for helping you keep your body working as it should (and it's surprisingly affordable): donjoy iceman cryotherapy unit
  • when bad ideas happen to bad people... what is going on? a marriage amendment - forced procreation initiative in washington state... i'm thinking maybe there should be a rule against these people procreating??? dave paisley has some thoughts too: Disaster Area - Stupid Retaliation is Still... Stupid
  • got a chance to hear/meet phil visher at the nywc in cincinatti this year. he's blogging and has a great three part series called 'So you want to make Christian Videos" - very readable and FULL of expert, FREE advice - lots of bad news/good news type of things:
  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three


BarBarA said...

Looks like some great stuff here! Can't wait to spend some time exploring some of these links :) Thanks!

anj said...

You know Ted Haggard and his wife are doing what Christian leaders do when they need help; they are going to get degree in counseling so they can help others. I pray that in his mind soul and body this man is able to integrate this part of himself that he feels is dark into the whole of himself as an image-bearer. And that his wife is able to do whatever necessary work she needs to do also.

judi said...

you always manage to find very interesting things to point out to us! thanks!!

as per ted husband works with guys at an organization that deals with sexual addiction, porn, and/or same sex attraction. i'm not convinced that ted is 'cured'...from what i understand, it's a dirty and long, tedious job digging through the dark holes of the heart. but i'm glad to see he and his wife have gotten the help they need. we all are broken people and we all need to be accountable and open to one another. i hope he puts down the mask and deals with what's going on.

just my two cents.