Wednesday, February 07, 2007

now THIS is church!

ben witherington pointed to an article in the NYT about an episcopal parish that was reaching into the world of the homeless and poor in a new/ancient way.

ben also tells everyone's favorite tony campolo story - go and take a read:

Ben Witherington - A Church Home for the Homeless

and here's the link to the NYT article -

NYT - No Altar, No Pews, Not Even a Roof, but Very Much a Church

thank you church of the epiphany - you are well named and are doing a great, great work!

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daisymarie said...

I can't wait to read these. I just moved into a house here in Ashland that people identify as the house Ben Witherington lived in when he was at Ashland Seminary. People speak so fondly of him.

Now I'm off to read your qoutes...