Thursday, December 27, 2007

lovely holiday

i haven't taken the time to blog lately, don't really know what that means, but i did want to mention that we had a wonderful holiday together as a family. i worried that i might be "homesick" because my sister was headed to wisconsin to be with my dad and aunt, but upon talking with them on christmas day i realized i was right exactly where i wanted to be.

amazing pecan waffle breakfast, tapas lunch and a prime rib dinner re-embraced the joy of communing around our table. i feel a lot of peace now that i blogged through that last bit. maybe it's your prayers - thank you.

we've just been tucking in here. liam is off for the week and we are doing small projects and hanging out together. we've had mechanic trouble (he's just been so slow at getting everything fixed on the volvo) but it's done now, and computer issues that have seemed to work themselves out. now that the car is back we're heading to the city tomorrow or saturday to do some thrift store shopping - liam has lost at least 40 lbs. slowly since summer and i have dropped a size (i fit into my honeymoon lingerie the other day!) and don't think i've had this body since we got married 20 years ago. sitting with empty really is working. it has somehow become my friend.

i am not weighing myself though as that scale messes with my head. i'll be happy enough to put a size 16 pant on tomorrow and enjoy some clothes that fit again. i told liam that he needed a new wardrobe because he looks like a holocaust victim if he doesn't shave and wears his big baggy clothes. he's dropped at least two sizes. it's amazing how eating one serving and nothing between meals helps me to enjoy the food i do eat and not obsess about it otherwise.

it feels really good. hope all is well in your holiday world!


Patchouli said...

Hm, again our lives are somewhat parallel. Mr P has also lost about 40 lbs--"just cut back a little"--and while fat seems to travel thru the air and stick to me. Ah, midlife. Good news that you are feeling comfortable with empty--an epiphany for sure.

Blessings in this new, wonderful season!

bobbie said...

thank you patchouli - the crickets here were so very loud! your comment means a lot!

this is the first time in married life where we've both been okay with empty. it truly was an epiphany! great term - thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey bobbie, wishing you and yours a peaceful, blessed, adventure-filled 2008!

Jeremy Clarkson said...

This site claims that provided that you intend to look slim, you are to select mono-diets. Which do you think?